Resort Walensee - Zwitserland

Ski holiday? Avoid traffic jam and charging station stress!

Relaxed at winter sports, avoiding traffic jams and charging station stress!

At Walensee Apartments you can arrive or depart on any day until April 12th. We help you avoid the "black Saturdays" with the well-known traffic jam and nowadays also busy charging points for your electric car. Moreover, we offer you flexible check-in and check-out times, depending on our availability. Do you prefer driving overnight, or is your flight arriving early in the morning? Inform us a couple of days before arrival, and we will try our best to arrange an early check-in for you. Why leave early on your last day to start your trip home together with all commuters? Flexibility is the key to a good planning and a comfortable return. So why not finish your last day with what you came for? Skiing or snowboarding at the Flumserberg and then drive home afterwards? If you ask, we may be able to help you finish your holidays the alternative way!

Please note:

When you travel to Switzerland by car, you are obliged to buy a vignette for your car, and to carry safety vests in your car at all times. In addition, in the winter your car should be equipped with winter tires, and possibly snow chains.

Here, you can read more tips and advices about driving in Switzerland.

From the direction of Cologne / Frankfurt:
From the A3, take the A5 past Heidelberg, Karlsruhe and Freiburg up to exit 68 Weil am Rhein. Subsequently, follow the A98 in the direction of Rheinfelden/Lörrach until the Hochrhein junction on the A861, and drive into Switzerland there. When you are in Switzerland, you should follow the A3 (take exit 53 in the direction of Zürich/Baden). Take the exit in the direction of Winterthur/Chur/Schaffhausen/Luzern. On the A3, follow the signs that indicate San Bernadino/Chur/Luzern, and leave the A3 at exit 47 Murg/Unterterzen.

From the direction of Stuttgart:
Follow the A8 until the junction Ulm/Elchingen. Then take exit 65 to get on the A7 in the direction of Lindau/Kempten/Memmingen. On junction Memmingen, take the A96 in direction of Lindau/Bregenz. This road changes to the B18 in the meantime; keep following this road. From the Austrian border, the road will be called A14. Follow this road until exit 27/Altach, and drive in the direction of Switzerland/A13 (first exit on the roundabout). In Switzerland, follow the A13 in the direction of Chur/Sargans. At exit 11, follow the A3 in the direction of Zürich, and leave this road at exit 49/Flums. Follow the provincial road (3) towards Unterterzen, Walenstadt.

From the direction of München:
From München, follow the A96 in the direction of Stuttgart, Lindau, and drive into Austria. At junction Hörbranz-Lochau, choose the A14 in the direction of Switzerland. In Switzerland, you will drive on the A13 in the direction of Chur, Sergans. At exit 11, follow the A3 in the direction of Zürich, and leave this road at exit 49/Flums. Follow the provincial road (3) towards Unterterzen, Walenstadt.

By train

From the station, it is a 3 minute walk to Resort Walensee, Heidiland, Flumserberg, Switzerland. Plan your trip by train through the website of Walensee Apartments

By plane

Resort Walensee in Switzerland is excellently accessible by plane. There are three international airports and many small airports in the area