Resort Walensee - Zwitserland
From your apartment on Resort Walensee region Heidiland in Switzerland, you are golfing on the famous golf court of golf club Bad Ragaz within 20 minutes
Golfing at golf club Gams-Werdenberg, -Bad Ragaz, -Heidiland, -Dormat/Ems or Lenzerheideg, from your luxury holiday home on Resort Walensee Switzerland

Playing golf

Playing golf in Switzerland, a unique experience!

In the area surrounding Resort Walensee, there are various beautiful golf courses. Among them, there is one of the oldest golf clubs of Switzerland, Golf Club Bad Ragaz.

Next to this fancy golf club, Golf Club Heidiland is situated, which focuses a bit more on beginning golf players. If you want a difficult golf course, you should choose for Golf Club Dormat?Ems. Here, some challenging water features and sand bunkers will await you.

The other golf courses are definitely worth paying a visit to as well. In order to prevent disappointments, please visit the golf club's website to see if they are opened during your stay.