Magical attraction to water sports enthousiasts

The Walensee is 24 km2 big, up to 145 meter deep, and hardly ever warmer than 20°C. The lake has a magical attraction to water sports enthusiasts. It may be because of the impressive mountain ranges situated around it, or the clear turquoise blue water, the unfathomable depth, or the romantic, small bathing beaches.

On the Walensee you can go sailing, rowing, water skiing, surfing, and much more. You can also take a refreshing dive, followed by some nice sunbathing on one of the many beaches.


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Surfing on the Walensee

TEXT IS NOT FINISHED Go out for a surfing trip on the beautiful Walensee, in the picturesque mountain landscape. The surfing stations on the shores of the Walensee rent out equipment and offer several courses. Directly next to the idyllic beach bar 'Lago Mio', between Weesen and Betlis, you can go water skiing, wakeboarding and sky skiing. More information: Kayak Windsurfing Stand-up paddling Kiting Wakeboarding Water skiing

Boat trip on the Walensee

Between the steep cliffs of the Churfirsten and the Sardona area, ferries sail throughout the year. Special ferries, such as culinary ships, supplement the normal schedule. The three villages Betlis, Quentin, with 56 residents, and Au, on the northern shore of the lake, can be reached only by boat.

Diving school Walensee

During the summer it is possible to dive or snorkel in Europe's deepest lake!