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The Swiss have known it for a long time, the Heidiland region in Eastern Switzerland is an extraordinary region, that has everything for an unforgettable holiday. Where do you find so much unspoiled nature that is so accessible? Enjoying the Swiss wellness, playing golf, water sports, an adventurous mountain hike, or a sporty winter sports day, every thing takes place in a breathtaking setting of mountains, sceneries, and crystal clear mountain lakes. That is what makes every day of your holiday so special!

The region of Heidiland has a rich history and culture. The Bündner Herrschaft is the most northern point of Graubünden, and it is known for its centuries old wine culture. This is also where the world famous story of Heidi and Peter takes place, which still gains popularity every year.

The area around the Walensee is the western end of Heidiland. The northern shore of the Walensee is characterized by the almost vertical mountain chain of the Churfirsten. On the other side of the lake lies the beloved winter sports and hiking region Flumserberg.

The car free town of Quinten is widely loved by tourists because of its mediterranean climate. All kinds of grapes, kiwis, figs and other subtropical fruits have been growing here for centuries, properly protected from the cold northern wind. The town is only accessible by boat or by foot.

Betlis lies just west of Quinten. From the moment the snow starts to melt, or in the case of heavy rainfall, the 720 meter high Seerenbach waterfalls, that are well visible from Resort Walensee, are very impressive.

The luxury apartments of Walensee Apartments, that are situated on Resort Walensee, offer you the best starting point for an unforgettable holiday in this unique region.


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Do you want to get to acquainted with paragliding, or are you already advanced in this sport? The Flumserberg is a beautiful setting for a breathtaking flight. Take a couple of big steps, and before you know it, you are floating through the sky like a bird!

St. Gallen's most beautiful hiking trails

Hiking or Nordic Walking through the wintry woods or through enchanting high altitude paths. The holiday region Heidiland has got something to offer hiking enthusiasts all year long. Countless cafés, pensions, and mountain huts with sun terraces invite you to take some well-earned rest and enjoy the sun.

Cycling and mountain biking

A paradise for cycling enthusiasts. Explore the surroundings over the kilometers long cycling paths and mountain bike trails. For real action, you should be in Bikepark Kerenzerberg.

Alpine Flora Path

The Alpine Flora Path leads you past many types of plants and colorful flowers. On the go, you can enjoy the unspoiled nature, and you can learn about the Alpine flora thanks to the several colorful information signs that are placed alongside the trail. A trip on the 4 kilometer long hiking path takes about 2 hours.

Walking trails on the Flumserberg

With over 150 kilometers of walking trails through the pristine nature, the Flumserberg is a true paradise for sporty hikers. En route you can enjoy the beautiful view, and afterwards you can unwind in a cozy restaurant with a children's playground, or at one of the many campfire locations.