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General Terms and Conditions

Compensation policy cancellation

Walensee Apartments would like to point out to you that the booking is official by law, when you have received the confirmation through e-mail. If you unexpectedly have to cancel your booking, the following conditions hold.

If you still want to go on holiday to Resort Walensee on a later moment, and in the confirmation of your current booking cancellation compensation is mentioned, you can file a compensation request to our Booking Service Center. Our employees cannot refund your money or absolve sums that still have to be paid.
They can offer you a discount voucher that is redeemable during 9 months after the date of departure of your canceled stay, that applies on your next online booking


General terms and conditions of Walensee apartments

Rental conditions

1. General 
These general terms and conditions form part of the contract between you (hereinafter also referred to as “tenant”) and (Genossenschaft) Walensee Vermietung and its brands (hereinafter also referred to as “GWV”).

2. Reservation and contract
2.1. Contract

You conclude a contract with GWV with your oral, written and electronic (including e-mail and internet) reservation. From that moment on, the rights and obligations of the contract (reservation confirmation) and the terms of the contract become binding on you and GWV. You will receive an (electronic) reservation confirmation.

2.2. Deviations
If the booking confirmation differs from the accommodation description, you acknowledge the contract with your payment based on the booking confirmation.

2.3. Deposit
If no deposit is received within 10 days after the reservation, your right to use the accommodation will lapse. GWV can again offer the accommodation to third parties.

2.4. Wishes
Your special requests can only be accepted as binding if confirmed in writing by us.

3. Services and prices
3.1. Prices
3.1.1. With due observance of paragraph 3.5 ("price changes"), at the time of booking, the prices stated for the relevant accommodation type for the relevant duration and commencement date are valid. Special promotions are not always valid in all accommodations of the same type.

3.1.2. The prices quoted include the cost of normal electricity, water and heat consumption. Not included in the rental price are cleaning, laundry, local taxes and additional services requested by the tenant (eg extra cleaning, cots, bed linen, etc.). These must be paid in advance.

3.2. Third party services
The infrastructure mentioned in documentation (transport, shops, restaurants, sports facilities, public beaches and their facilities, etc.) is not part of our obligation. These companies operate under their own responsibility. The same goes for public and private utilities (water and electricity). Our obligations to provide careful information are maintained.

3.3. Payment
The rental amount, including additional costs, must be paid in advance as follows:
- 20% of the total amount must be paid within 14 days after reservation;
- the remaining amount no later than 60 days before arrival.
- For reservations within 60 days before arrival or reservations where the total amount is less than EUR 1,000, the full amount must be paid directly to GWV upon reservation.
In the event of late payment of the (residual) amount, GWV can regard the contract as dissolved.

3.4. Cancellation fees
In case of cancellation, GWV will charge you the following cancellation costs:
- 0% of the rent up to 90 days before arrival;
- 90 to 60 days before arrival 50% of the rent;
- 60 to 30 days before arrival 75% of the rent;
- Within 30 days before arrival 100% of the rent;
Decisive is the receipt of your (cancellation) message (e-mail or postal delivery). If the holiday accommodation is not involved or is occupied at a later time, the amount due will remain unchanged. GWV recommends taking out travel insurance.

3.5. Price changes
Our object descriptions and price lists have been compiled with care. However, GWV cannot completely exclude changes to this. The information on the booking confirmation is valid. Price changes published after the reservation do not affect concluded contracts. Accommodation changes after the contract has been concluded are unlikely, but cannot be entirely excluded. Price increases due to an increase or introduction of levies and taxes after contract conclusion can be charged on.

3.6. Modification, replacement rental and termination of the contract by GWV
GWV is entitled to terminate the contract before or during the rental period, when the transfer of the rental object is impossible or unreasonable or endangers the tenant or the rental object due to unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances. Alternatively, if you notify us before you leave, you can request at least equivalent accommodation within 10 days, provided that GWV is able to offer it from our offer at no additional cost. GWV is not liable for damage suffered by the tenant as a result.

4. Arrival and departure, shortening or extension of the stay

After full payment and no earlier than 1 week before arrival you will receive your travel documents, identifying you as the legitimate tenant of the reserved accommodation. You must hand over your travel documents to the key manager upon arrival. Time and place of key collection upon arrival and departure are stated in the travel documents. The information in the travel documents is binding. Deviations cannot be guaranteed and must be agreed on time with the key manager. If you cannot enter the accommodation in time, for example due to traffic jams, strikes or for personal reasons, you will still owe the total amount. The same applies if you leave the accommodation prematurely. If you would like to extend your stay, please request this at the booking center as early as possible. During the high season, waiting times may arise during key collection.

5. Habitation

The accommodation may be occupied by the maximum prescribed number of persons (children from 2 years old included). Additional persons can be refused by the key manager or must be paid additionally. Overloading gives the key manager the right to refuse the issue of the key or to immediately take the key.

6. Other obligations of the tenant
6.1. Deposit
A deposit may be required when booking or receiving the key. The amount of the deposit and the payment method is stated in the travel documents. If the deposit is not paid, the transfer of the accommodation will be refused. Since the house is damage-free and the obligations on departure are met, you will receive the deposit paid back when the key is delivered.  

6.2. Duty of care
Unless otherwise agreed with GWV, the tenant rents the accommodation exclusively for holiday purposes. The accommodation should be used carefully. You must respect the local park rules.

6.3. Obligations on departure
Cleaning the kitchen equipment including crockery and cutlery, collecting bed linen and disposing of household waste is the responsibility of the tenant (not included in the final cleaning).

6.4. Liability for damage
Damage caused by the tenant or co-users must be reported immediately to the key manager. The tenant is liable for any damage caused by him / her or his co-users. The same applies if the accommodation cannot be used by a follow-up tenant. Damage or other negligence of the tenant can be deducted from the deposit and recovered from the tenant.

7. Defects and registration period for claims
If the accommodation is not in the described condition or if you suffer damage, the tenant must notify this in writing within 24 hours of arrival via failing which acceptance of the accommodation is assumed. Shortcomings during the rental period must also be reported via guest service. In all reasonableness, the guest service will rectify the defect within 24 hours. External circumstances and regional features, such as the presence of insects, stray dogs, bad weather, etc. do not entitle you to compensation. Guest service cannot recognize any right to claim or make legally binding statements. All problems, which cannot be resolved satisfactorily, must be submitted to the booking office within four weeks after the contractual rental end, enclosing the necessary evidence (photos, confirmation of guest service, etc.). If you do not comply with the above rules and deadlines, you will lose all rights.

8. Liability of GWV
Total civil liability for other than personal injury (for example, business and financial loss) is limited to the rental price and the applicable (inter) national agreements and laws. The damages resulting from the following causes are not covered by GWV's liability:
- Acts or omissions of the tenant or a co-user;
- Force of the majority;
- Use of sports and games facilities. The use of these facilities is at your own risk;
- Loss or damage caused by third parties (eg burglary);
For non-contractual liability, these provisions apply accordingly. Liability for emergency services is expressly excluded.

9. Limitation period
Claims for damages against GWV, subject to contractual obligations, expire within one year.
The limitation period starts on the day after the end of the rental period.

10. Applicable law
The contract between you and GWV is governed by Swiss law. The tenant can only sue GWV in St. Gallen (CH). GWV can sue the tenant in his country of residence or in Switzerland.