Resort Walensee - Zwitserland

flyingCLiiMBER & CLiiMBERwall

Floating in the air on an altitude of over 15 meters!

Flying CLiiMBER

flyingCLiiMBER & CLiiMBERwall

Near Prodalp, you can climb and float from the top floor of the flyingCLiiMBER. Balance, carefully belayed, on 6 different lines, and enjoy the view around you.

  • Altitude difference: over 15 meters
  • Length: 700 meters
  • Persons: larger than 1.4m
  • Action: 6 lines


Test your skills on one of the 5 climbing routes of the CLliiMBERwall.

  • Altitude difference: 6 meters
  • Persons: adults, and children from 4 years old
  • Action: 5 climbing routes
  • Safety: Self-locking safety system