From Social Distancing - to reconnecting

Despite the need to still apply social distancing rules, Walensee apartments has come up with a gift to reconnect with friends and family.

Invite a friend and both earn a voucher that you can redeem online when making a booking!

Spend some time together, or come separately. Enjoy time away from home yet safe and responsibly. Are your friends not available? It doesn't matter! You can even share your vouchercode in your social media. Once your vouchercode is used, we reward you with a new vouchercode.

How our referral program works

How to get vouchers worth real money?

  • The referral program is only applicable for bookings made through our own website or booking office;
  • The starting point is your fully paid for booking. So whether you already left, stay with us now, or even still need to arrive, we don't mind. What counts is that we have a fully paid booking by you;
  • Then ask us to issue a personal voucher worth 10% of the nett rent from your fully paid booking. We call this the initial voucher and it's worth real money!;
  • Once you receive this initial voucher code by Email, share it with your friend, family, business partner, customer, or just share it online.... That's up to you!;
  • As soon as your initial voucher is redeemed when making a booking, we reward you with a new personal voucher worth 10% of the nett rent from this fully paid booking. We call this the secondary voucher also worth real money!;
  • We only issue one voucher per fully paid direct booking, so now it's time to thank eachother.

Important: A voucher can only be redeemed on a reservation in the same currency as indicated on the voucher. 

Better make fun together

Of course you’re clever enough to figure this out, but here ‘s a head up! You can also redeem your own initial voucher to extend your stay or to make a new booking. But that's less fun, so then we don't reward you with a secondary voucher. Better options is to make somebody happy and make fun together!

What is the validity of your voucher?

Your voucher will expire on 31.12.2020.
Your voucher is only valid for bookings with a date of arrival before 31.12.2020. 

What is the value of your voucher?

10% of the nett rent (rent minus discounts on the rent) from the booking we issued the voucher on. The more nights you book, the higher the value of the voucher. So you know what to do now....

Can I combine my voucher with other discounts?

Yes, your voucher can be combined with other discount actions.

Can I exchange my voucher for money?

No, we do not allow you to exchange your voucher for money. You can only redeem it when making a booking.

Your friend was too generous?

We consider that impossible. It's more likely that you ran out of holidays. In that case an outstanding credit may remain available on the voucher. Talk to your boss inorder to spend the outstanding credit in time or just make somebody happy!

Cancellation and your voucher

We withdraw the voucher after cancellation, for any reason, from the reservation on which the voucher was issued.

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