Walensee Apartments sponsors trampoline island

Irmgard Varga, chairwoman of the Touristik Verein Quarten, is clearly overjoyed with the new trampoline island for Resort Walensee. Specifically for this festive inauguration sponsor Walensee Apartment has provided food and drinks. A number of young people have been invited to break in the new trampoline. The weather gods are unfortunately not feeling as festive. The water is still cold and the sun is absent.

The old trampoline island for Resort Walensee was really in need of a replacement. The youths and children in the Unterterzen area and the holiday guests of Resort Walensee take full advantage of the floating trampoline every summer. Walensee Apartments did not hesitate for a second when they were asked to sponsor this new island.

"We are happy and proud to contribute in this way to this icon in the Walensee."

July 2014