Landal Greenparks loses 35 apartments to Walensee Apartments

After 3 years after the opening of Resort Walensee, a couple of home owners decided to organize the lease of their vacation accommodations themselves. For this, they found the Swiss Cooperation "Genossenschaft Walensee Vermietung", that will rent out the holiday accommodations under the brand "Walensee Apartments" non-profit.

From January 1, 2013 to 35 out of a total of 90 cottages will be rented by Lake Walensee Apartments. After 4 years there is an end to the exclusivity of Landal Greenparks, who offered the catering exclusively since the opening of the park under the name Landal Resort Walensee.

Walensee Apartments offers the best in vacation accommodation at Resort Walensee and the guest service is more than an excellent by the use of local Swiss employees. Is it more expensive than at Landal GreenParks? No. On the contrary, since Walensee Apartments operates nonprofit, booking your vacation is slightly cheaper. For example, you do not pay any reservation fee, which is the first thing that you save.

January 2013